The Midday Supplication (Du'a)



In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. There is no god except Allah the Supreme and the Clement. There is no god except Allah the Patron of the Benevolent Empyrean. Thanks to Allah, the Patron of the worlds. I pray to You O Allah for the causes of Your Beneficence and the (esteemed) intents of Your Pardon and the Bounties from all virtues and safety from all sins. O Allah, let me have no sin, but You pardon it please, no pain but relieved by You, no malady but cured by You, no slip but cured by You, no talents but increasingly magnified by You, no fear, but I be indemnified by You, no evil but I be protected from by You, no need unto You, with your consent, with a good for me therein, but granted by You, O Merciful of mercifuls. Amen, Patron of the Worlds.

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