Janabe -e- Fida

In the name of Allah the Beneficient the Merciful

	The Muslims in the life time of the Prophet (saw ) were brought up 
to learn the Quran as _Ibadat_ ( Devotion ), to recite it as _Devotion_, to 
write it down as _Devotion_, to teach their children and other people and 
make them learn it by heart and understand it as _Devotion_. They became 
so familiar with it that they used the Verses of the Holy Quran in their 
daily conversation. History records that Janab e Fidah, the noble Abysinian 
housemaid of Hazrat Fatima Az Zahra, the Lady of Paradise, the daughter of 
the Holy Prophet ( saw ) was in the habit of using the verses and words of 
the Quran in her Conversation.
	Abul Qasim Qashiri relates the dialogue between Fidah and 
Abdullah bin Mubarak; I saw a woman passing through the desert who had 
fallen behind the caravan, and asked her " Who are You and where are you 
from ?."
	She said : " Say Sallam !....  Soon shall ye know it ." 
					( Chapter 6 Verse 67 )

I learned that she expected me to greet her and say Assalam o 
Alaikum first, before any question. I did as she reminded, and inquired why 
she was in this desert.
	She answered : 
	" Whomesoever God guideth, then none shall beguille . "
				( Chapter 39 Verse 37 )

I gathered that she was left behind and thus restless, so I asked 
again are you a human being or a jinn ?
	She returned :
" O children of Adam ! Be Ye adorned at every time of prostration ."
			( Chapter 7 Verse 31 )

I discovered that she was a human being, so I continued my 
Where are You coming from ?

	She said : ".... Who are called to from a place far off. " 
				( Chapter 41 Verse 44 )

	I found out that she was coming from a place far off and 
inquired her destination.

		She immediately responded : 
	" ........ And for God is incumbent upon mankind the Pilgrimage of
	the House..... "	  ( Chapter 3 Verse 97 )

	I realized that she was going for Hajj ( Pilgrimage of the Kaaba ), 
and asked her how many days she had been travelling ?

	She told me : 
	" Indeed created We ( God ) the heavens and the earth 
	and what is between them to in Six days . "
		      (Chapter  7 Verse 54 ) and ( Chapter 50 Verse 38 )

	I concluded it was six days. I requested her to have food and 
water if she was so inclined.

	She politely indicated :
" We ( God ) made them not such bodies that  do not eat food, and 
they will not abide ( in this world ) for ever. "    ( Chapter 21 
Verse 8 )

	She accepted my refreshment. Then to catch the caravan, 
I suggested her to make haste.

	She reminded me again : 
	" God tasks not any soul beyond ( individual ) ability...... " 
			( Chapter 2 Verse 286 )

	I told her that if she could'nt do so, let her ride on the back of my 
camel behind me.
	She recited another Quranic Verse :
" If there were therein gods besides Allah, then verily both ( the 
heavens and the earth ) would have been disordered ...." 
		( Chapter 21 Verse 22 )

	It was a reminder of piety that when a man was not a husband of 
a woman, it was un-lawful to ride together on the same animal. [ It is an 
Islamic Law concerning the relatives of persons of prohibited degree - 
Namahiram ].
	Qashiri says that he got down and requested her to ride the 
	She occupied the seat and recited : 
" Hallowed is He who subjected this ( animal ) unto us ." 
			( Chapter  43 Verse 13 ).

	She thanked Allah who brought the animal under her control. When 
we reached the caravan, I asked her do you know any one among them ?
	She recounted : 
	" O Dawud ( David ), We have appointed thee a vicegerent in the 
	  earth .........."
	                               ( Chapter 38 Verse 26 );
	" And Muhammad is not but an Apostle ...... "  
					( Chapter 3 Verse 144 );
	" O Yahya ( John the Baptist ) ! Hold thou the Book fast !" 
					( Chapter 19 Verse 12 );
	" O Musa ( Moses ) ! Verily it is, I am God the All-Mighty ."
				( Chapter 27 Verse 9 )

I understood that Dawud, Muhammad, Yahya and Musa were the names of
her sons. When the boys appeared, I asked her who they were ?
	She said in her habitual manner : 
	" Wealth and Children are the adornment of this World "
				(Chapter 18 Verse 46 )
	I recognized them as her sons. The woman looked at her 
sons with the feeling of contentment and uttered
	" ... O my father ! Employ him verily the best of those 
	 who canst employ is the strongman and trusted ones. "
				( Chapter 28 Verse 26 )
	In these words of the Quran, she informed the sons 
indicating towards me that
	" ..... This man offered me a gift ( i.e help ), so 
verliy God giveth manifold increase to whomsoever He willeth . " 
				( Chapter 2 Verse 261 )

The sons grasped their mothers indications, and so they paid me 
twice as much as I ought to have been paid. To satisfy my 
curiosity I asked the sons, Who is this honorable Lady that speaks 
nothing but the Quran ?. They responded that she was their mother, 
the housemaid of Hazrat Fatima Al Zahra ( peace be upon her and 
her progeny ), the daughter of the Holy Prophet ( saw ) and the 
Wife of Amir Al Momineen. She was raised under the shade of 
supreme knowledge and piety of the daughter of the Prophet ( saw 
). Since 20 years she spoke nothing but the Quran in her daily 
May Allah Bless her soul ( Amen ! ) ........

Reference : -
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	The Eternal Light by
	Ayatullah Agha Haji Mirza Mahdi Pooya
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