FRIDAY DU'A (prayer)

Praise be to God, who existed before creation and the giving of life, and who shall continue to exist after all things have perished.

The Knower, who forgets not him who remembers Him; Who does not diminish him who gives Him thanks; who does not disappoint him who prays to Him; and does not frustrate the hope of him who places hope in Him.

O Lord, I call Thee to witness -- and Thou art sufficient as a witness; and I call all Thy angels and inhabitants of Thy heavens and bearers of Thy Arsh (Throne) and Thy prophets and Thy apostles whom Thou didst entrust with Thy mission and the various creatures whom Thou hast created; to witness that I bear testimony that certainly Thou and Thou alone art God, There being no God but Thee; Thou art alone there being no associate with Thee nor peer, and there is no untruth in Thy word, nor change.

And that, verily, Muhammad -- may Thy blessings be on him and his Aal -- is Thy servant and Thy apostle; he delivered to Thy servants the message with which Thou didst entrust him, and exerted himself in the cause of God the Honorable, the Exalted, as it deserved; and he gave happy tidings of reward which was certain, and threatened with punishment which was true.

O Lord, keep me firm in Thy religion as long as Thou keepest me alive; and let not my heart deviate; after Thou hast guided me; and let me have mercy from Thee; verily, Thou and Thou alone art the Giver.

Bless Muhammad and his Aal and make us of the number of his followers and his adherents, and raise me (on the last day) amongst his band; and give me the grace to be regular in my performance of the Friday prayer and to win such of Thy bounty as Thou wilt allot to the deserving observers of Fridays, on the day of recompense. Verily, Thou and Thou alone art the Mighty, the Wise.

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